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Israel Open Chess 2011 Ashdod (Israel)
18 - 27.12.2011
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Ritmo de juego 90m./40mov. / 30m + 30s. resto
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Bases del torneo (doc) 1. Dates: December 18-27, 2011 Venue: Ashdod Municipal Chess Club, 3 Ha'erez St., Ashdod 2. System: 9-round Swiss System Time Limit: 90 minutes for 40 moves, with additional 30 minutes for the rest of the game. 30 seconds increment per move, from move 1. Late arrival for a game: up to 30 minutes is allowed. A player who is 30 minutes late shall lose the game. The tournament will be rated by FIDE and the ICF. GM and IM norms are possible. 3. Time Table Date Time Registration Sun 18/12/2011 16:30 Opening Ceremony Sun 18/12/2011 17:00 Round 1 Sun 18/12/2011 17:00-22:00 Round 2 Mon 19/12/2011 17:00-22:00 Round 3 Tue 20/12/2011 17:00-22:00 Round 4 Wed 21/12/2011 17:00-22:00 Round 5 Thu 22/12/2011 17:00-22:00 Round 6 Fri 23/12/2011 10:00-15:00 Round 7 Sun 25/12/2011 17:00-22:00 Round 8 Mon 26/12/2011 17:00-22:00 Round 9 Tue 27/12/2011 16:00-21:00 Closing Ceremony Tue 27/12/2011 21:30 All players are requested to attend the closing ceremony. 4. Main Prizes 1st: 10,000 NIS; 2nd: 7,000 NIS; 3rd: 5,000 NIS; 4th: 3,500 NIS; 5th: 2,000 NIS; 6th to 8th: 1,000 NIS each; 9th to 10th: 500 NIS each. Apperance Fees for the 8 top rated players according to FIDE rating 1/11/11, provided they have at least 2500. 1st: 4,000 NIS; 2nd: 3,000 NIS; 3rd to 8th: 2,000 NIS each. Category Prizes (Not commulative, if a player is eligible for a main prize and a category prize, or for 2 category prizes he shall receive only the higher prize) Women 1st: 1,500 NIS; 2nd: 1,000 NIS. Juniors (Born 1993 or later) 1st: 1,000 NIS; 2nd: 500 NIS Seniors (Born 1951 or earlier) 1st: 1,000 NIS Members of Ashdod Chess Club 1st: 1,000 NIS Category prizes are conditional upon the participation of at least 6 players in each category. Special Awards – for Israeli players only: Highest placed Israeli player: The ICF shall cover his expenses for the European Individual Championship, 2012. The top 2 Israeli players shall qualify for the Israel Championship Final 2012. Cups for the top 3 Israeli players. 5. Tie Break System In case of equal number of points, the monetary main prizes shall be divided according to the Hort System: half the prize money shall be divided equally, and the other half according to Buchholz. Non monetary prizes and category prizes shall be decided according to Buchholz. 6. Entry fee (according to FIDE list 1/11/11) No FIDE rating, or rated 2000 or less – 300 NIS FIDE rated 2001-2200 – 250 NIS FIDE rated 2201-2300 – 200 NIS FIDE rated 2301 or higher – 150 NIS Late registration fee: those who register after 13/12/2011 have to add 50 NIS. Free entry for GMs. 7. FIDE Laws of Chess shall apply. At the end of each game, each player shall hand the tournament management a full and readable scoresheet, signed by both players. 8. Israeli participants must have their ICF membership fee paid for 2011 (or 2012). Those who paid the partial membership fee have to add a rating fee or 40 NIS. 9. Accomodation Mi-Ami Hotel, 22 Nordau St., Ashdod, Tel (972)-8-8522085 Room price for 1 night (including breakfast): Single: 350 NIS; Double: 420 NIS; Triple: 500 NIS; Quadruple: 580 NIS. 10. Registration: Chief Tournament Director is Arkadi Ryabukhin, tel. (972)-52-8902982 Address: 22/7 Yehoyakhin Hamalekh St., Ashdod IL-77483 Players should register up to 13/12/2011. Afterwards they shall be charged a late registration fee. 11. Organizing Committee: Mr. Yehuda Frenkel – Ashdod Deputy Mayor Mr. Mickey Rosenberg – Manager of the Municipal Sports Authority Ashdod Mr. Benny Hezkia – Deputy Manager, Municipal Sports Authority Ashdod Mr. Moshe Slav – ICF Chairman Adv. Yigal Lotan. – ICF General Manager IA Eliahu Levant IA Amiram Kaplan IM Leon Lederman 12. Appeals Committee To be decided later. 13. The tournament management reserves the right to make necessary amendments to those regulations. We wish all participants lots of success, satisfaction and pleasure for themselves and the spectators.